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Piano Sonata No.3 “Mondana”, Op.5

composed by Ana Leira Carnero

Each movement may be performed as a standalone concert piece. The sheets are highly detailed, with complete fingering and pedal marking.
I. Allegro Moro: The title refers to the Spanish-Arab influence on this piece. But there's more... much more. It's a blend of jazz harmonies, latin rhythms, bluesy motives, free counterpoint, virtuosity, evocations of Bach and Chopin, and of course the melodies with said Spanish-Arab flavour, all within an emotionally charged sonata-form of tremendous intensity. An explosive cocktail which is only possible because of the freedom of 21st century music. A powerful piece from beginning to end. The tempo indication is 'Feroce con violenza' (Fierce with violence).
II. Barcarolle in Blue and Whitewater: The title is a play on words, and refers to the barcarolle as a musical genre, in which the music imitates the boat's movement over the quiet water of a river (the blue water). But this ship also navigates over the rapids (the whitewater). In fact, the "Presto con euforia" section seems a rafting experience. Moreover, "Blue" in the title also refers to the blues style and sad emotions, in the same way as the word was used for "Rhapsody in Blue". I like thinking about this piece as a boat ride across an old-fashion "tunnel of love", which used to mix "two major themes: a relaxing romantic ride encouraging the couple to cuddle, or a spooky horror ride encouraging the couple to cling to one another" (Wikipedia). Composition was influenced by Béla Bartók, Serguéi Prokófiev, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani, Nikolai Kapustin... and of course Chopin, whose Barcarole Op. 60 is the highest point of this genre. The main sections are: Andante onirico - Poco meno mosso, quasi improvvisato - Presto con euforia - Tempo I.
III. Bead Rock: Again, the title is a play on words, and refers to a spherical jewel like a pearl, but also refers to the main motif (which comprises the notes B, E, A, D) and Rock as a musical genre. Composition was influenced by George Gershwin, Jelly Roll Morton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nikolai Kapustin and Keith Emerson, and it includes a funny quote from the J.S.Bach's Italian Concerto. The jazzy style of this piece may be defined as avant-garde, crossover, free-jazz, fusion, modern creative, third stream or jazz-rock. The tempo indication is 'veloce con veemenza' (vehemently fast). So, let's rock!!!

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